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Naidu accuses Kiran of opening bribe collection centers

Mar 31 ,2012 19:39 PM
Naidu accuses Kiran of opening bribe collection centers

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu accused chief minister Kirankumar reddy of opening bribe collection centers across the state.

Addressing a media conference at TDP office in Hyderabad today, Naidu said there are six collection centers working in Hyderabad on behalf of Kirankumar. “Suitcases were handed over to the AICC observer Krishnamurthy who announced there won’t be any change in the leadership,” charged Naidu.

Finding fault with the Government for increasing the electricity tariff, Naidu demanded roll back of the increased charges and warned TDP would oppose the hike though demonstrations and rallies across the state.

“It is atrocious to impose a burden of Rs. 4442 Cr on middle class families trough the hike,” he observed.

In a separate media conference, CPM state secretary Raghavulu also warned that the people would bring down the government if the hike in power tariff is not withdrawn. (J)

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