Google, ultimate knowledge bank- feel Children

March 10, 2012 11:25
Google, ultimate knowledge bank- feel Children

With growing trends and updated information, makes Google the most sought after search engine by both children and parents.

The growing knowledge bank and hectic schedules make parents a little discerning towards helping their children. It is now evident that most children globally look up to the search engine Google for relevant text book information than by questioning their parents. May be one might be an expert in a specific domain but the children especially teens are question banks on various banks need more than what we can. So the best thing as a teenager parent is to acclimatize them to Google.  And that becomes a trend.

A survey recently conducted by the Birmingham Science City, concluded that, almost half of children use Google at least five times day. A sample of 500 children was questioned on their source of information for unanswered questions. Dr Pam Waddell, Director of Birmingham Science City, commented on the findings: ‘With children now growing up in an environment where digital technology is accepted as standard, we wanted to see just how this has affected their approach to research and exploration.  'It’s not surprising that with answers at the touch of the button, youngsters often Google questions before asking parents, friends or teachers.’ He concluded that 'Children, no matter what generation they grow up in, have an inquisitive and curious nature, and so the fact they are able to use new technology to explore this is a positive sign for the future.’

As a parent of a teenager, I firmly agree the findings. Since at times I was posed by questions out of the qualms by my young daughter who is a talented academician. Initially I was stunned, but in a quest to enrich her knowledge with facts, I used to look for the answers on the Google. This I tried to do in her presence. Eventually this has been imbibed in her inertly and now I only pay the internet bills. (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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