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Trisha's mother furious on Media?

Mar 17 ,2012 13:18 PM
Trisha's mother furious on Media?

Now I have understood the reason for why would we get furious, it is when we can neither deny nor accept any fact or a statement that supports the news. I suppose the same has happened with popular heroine Trisha's mother. The lady seems to be furious over the Media for publishing the news that Trisha’s demand in K - Town has been declining day by day.

It is a clear indication that these days AnushkaShetty is making rounds in K-Town. The Actress has much work to in the Industry and she has taken over the Toothpaste brand that was earlier represented by Trisha.

Not only have these, apart from 'Daamu' with Jr. N.T.R in T-Town, Trisha seemed to not have singed any other film as such.

'My daughter is busy with her set of films and assignments. Some more prestigious projects are in pipeline. As far as endorsing the brands are concerned, she has been endorsing this toothpaste brand from quite some time now. It is time for us to move ahead' said Trisha's Mother. Now, what would be the actress calendar for this year, we have to wait to know.

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