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10 years gone… Her Hawaa still ‘on’!

Mar 12 ,2012 13:54 PM
10 years gone… Her Hawaa still ‘on’!

‘I believe in self checking where I am and what I have to do in order to sustain for some more films in this industry every now and then. Audience is very intelligent. If I am being seen in same kind of roles for couple of films, they would say, ‘what is it different that she is doing. Same old films and same old roles, of course same old type of acting’. I am afraid of being remembered like this; rather prefer to quit the profession. That is the reason; I am very particular about the roles I chose and if I am being offered the same stereo type roles, I prefer giving a break in that language for a while’, all these are said by Actress Trisha who has completed more than 10 years in the Industry as a most successful heroine in Telugu and Tamil and even today, is acting with much younger hero than her Jr. N.T.R in ‘Dammu’.

The actress says, though her idea is to entertain the audience with her glamour she would not let go off the importance of the role played by her. when we ask what are her favorite roles amongst all the films she has done, Trisha says, ‘NuvvostaananteNenoddantaana’, ‘AaduvaariMaatalakuArdhaaleVerule’ in Telugu and ‘VinnayTaandiVaruvaay’ in Tamil.

With couple of films in Telugu and Tamil, it seems Trisha has some more years to stay in the Industry despite of all the lot of Young heroines doing their set of films…

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