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14% profit recorded by Vijayawada Railway Division

Apr 16 ,2012 19:05 PM
14% profit recorded by Vijayawada Railway Division

The Vijayawada divisional manager Anurag has said that Vijayawada division-which is one of the key railway division of the Indian railway-has recorded a profit of 14.34 per cent for the fiscal year 2011-12. The manager has addressed the media over the annual progress of the division. He has stated that just like every year, the Vijayawada railway division has recorded profits this year too.

He has also said that 6.67 per cent profits were recorded in passenger rail while 16.95 per cent profits were recorded in transportation. The major profits were drawn from transporting goods to Krishnapatnam and Kakinada ports, he added.

While the expenditure of the division was54. 34 per cent last year, the same was reduced to 51. 24 per cent this year, the division manager Anurag Singh said.

He has also said that Vijayawada junction connection four metros of the country and necessary steps are being taken to improve the station further.

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