ISRO Creates World Record, Launches 104 Satellites in One Go

February 15, 2017 11:39
ISRO Creates World Record, Launches 104 Satellites in One Go

For the first time, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) made a history by launching 104 satellites into orbit in a single mission. PSLV-C37 rocket was seen pushing a mindboggling 104 satellites into orbit today at 9.30 am.

Out of 104 satellites, 101 were given from international clients. Of the 101 international co-passenger nano-satellites, 96 were from the US. One each satellite from Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. The weight of all the satellites at launch totals is 1,378 kg.

"The countdown for the launch of PSLV-C37/Cartosat2 Series satellite mission began at 5:28 AM soon after the Mission Readiness Review committee and Launch Authorisation Board gave its approval for lift off", Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said.

From this India has now become the first country to set a world record by launching 104 satellites in a single mission.


This mission is ISRO's second successful attempt after it had launched 23 satellites in June 2015.

PSLV first launched the 714 kg CARTOSAT-2 Series satellite for earth view and then injected the 103 co-passenger satellites. All the satellites together weigh about 664 kg, about 520 km from Earth.

ISRO scientists have used the XL Variant which is the most powerful rocket.

Two Indian nano satellites, weighing 1,378 kg were also launched. The nano-satellites belonged to international customers and arrangement was made by Antrix Corporation Ltd (ANTRIX) the commercial arm of the ISRO.

Cartosat-2 Series will give remote sensing services. Images sent by it will be beneficial for coastal land use and management, road network monitoring,  distribution of water and conception of land use maps, among others. Cartosat-2 Series has a mission life of five years.

The two Indian Nano-satellites INS-1A and INS-1B were formed as co-passenger satellites to follow bigger satellites on PSLV. The primary objective of INS (ISRO Nano-Satellite) is to give an opportunity for ISRO technology display payloads, provide a standard bus for launch on demand services.

ISRO has confirmed that all the 104 satellites were successfully spread from the launch vehicle and are being put into their respective orbits.

After the launch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised ISRO team for the successful launch.

Narendra Modi Praises ISRO

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