White teeth, Naturally!!!

September 27, 2012 12:39
White teeth, Naturally!!!

Not all teeth are naturally white, but all of us surely love white teeth. Teeth is one such thing on our face that cannot be accentuated artificially, they have to be good naturally...

Here are some great home remedies for all women who wish to have white teeth without a lot of pain or cost involved. These remedies won’t turn your yellow teeth to white instantly but their prolonged and regular use can lighten the shade of your teeth over a period.


Well, we know only about their single use, which is eating them. But there is more to it. Strawberries contain agents for teeth whitening; I wonder why they don’t make strawberry toothpastes and only make strawberry face washes and lip balms.  The strawberry seeds work greatly for teeth cleaning. But yes, it is very important that you brush your teeth immediately after using them. All you need to do is, cut them and rub them on your teeth. You can also mash them, apply it to your toothbrush, and brush out your teeth with it. OR mix strawberry pulp with a pinch of baking soda and brush your teeth with the mixture.


Dilute vinegar and water and rinse your mouth with it.

Other than these there are a few essential things to do for keeping you teeth sparkling white

• Brush your teeth daily. Twice a day is great.
• Floss your teeth regularly.
• Quit alcohol and smoking.
• Again the caffeine, keep it aside.
• Use a straw for drinking beverages; this avoids direct contact with the teeth.
• Have cosmetic cleaning done, like once a while, it’s pretty affordable.

So that’s all with teeth cleaning. Hope these tips work for you.

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