Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

September 11, 2012 12:41
Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

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Homemade bath salt can transfer your basic bath into a wonderful therapeutic treat. Sea salt and Epsom salts are both cleansing and detoxifying and by simply.

* One large mixing bowl, big enough to mix your bath salts recipe.

* One medium or small bowl to mix dendritic salt (an essential salt when making scented bath salts) and essential oils or fragrance.

* One set of measuring spoons, stainless steel. The entire set, measuring 1/8 teaspoon to a full tablespoon. One set of measuring cups, from ¼ cup to a full one cup.

* A spice grinder or coffee grinder. (This is optional. If you’re making moisturising bath salts using milk powder, you could use the grinder to powder it well so it mixes in well with the salts. Or if you’re using herbs in your recipe, you may want to crush them into smaller bits.)

* Pipettes to measure colours, essential oils, fragrances, etc. Get a bunch of these as you’ll need one for each colour or fragrance.

* A small saucepan to melt plant butters, if you’re using any.

* A dust mask is essential if you’re using very fine powders in your recipe.

* Disposable gloves to protect your skin from staining when you’re using colours and to prevent skin irritation when using strong essential oils.

* Measure all the salts or one kind of salt, whatever your recipe calls for, and place in the large mixing bowl. If you’re making scented bath salts, your recipe will call for dendritic salt. Don’t mix in this salt with the rest yet.

* In the small mixing bowl, combine dendritic salt and your choice of essential oil or fragrance. This step is only if you’re making scented bath salts. Make sure you mix it well.

* If you followed step 2, then add this mixture to your base salts mixture and mix thoroughly, making sure everything is well combined.

* You’re almost done! But wait, if you’re making coloured bath salts, using milk powder or adding herbs to your bath salts, now is the time to add the essential ingredients. Just make sure everything is blended well so all the elements in your bath salts are evenly incorporated.

* Voila! You’re done! Now smile ear to ear at your accomplishment and enjoy your very own handmade bath salts.

Now it’s time to bask in the glory of having created your own bath salts. So go on, get measuring and mixing and create your signature bath salts and enjoy an extra special bath!

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