Not ready for Wrinkles? Then stop them...

September 03, 2012 10:49
Not ready for Wrinkles? Then stop them...

Wrinkles are most likely to make you look aging performance, look to get themselves young, would come later some of the wrinkles, how to delay the appearance of wrinkles?

1, Back sleeping
Many people feel that back sleeping are not comfortable, but in fact, back sleeping can reduce the facial wrinkles. This sleep posture can not only make the muscles relax, and can reduce facial wrinkles. Therefore, for women, proper back sleeping to prevent the facial wrinkles, delay aging.

2, Do not rub the eye and squinting
The root causes of eye fine lines, or dry, water scarcity, eye area skin is too thin to protect the capacity is weak, easy to evaporate moisture than other parts of the face prone to wrinkles. There are many reasons are self-inflicted, because a lot of fine lines is the expression lines, so control of their hands, do not vigorously rub your eyes, do not squinting or straining to see things.

3, Eat more fish
Especially salmon. Salmon and other deep-sea fish is not only important source of protein, they are also rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, fatty acids nourish the skin, helps reduce wrinkles. Can also be eat more carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, liver, legumes and other rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2 eye protection and other beneficial food.

4, Do not over wash your face
Human skin will be a day of dirt, sebum, sweat and residual skin care products, so the washing the face is necessary, but extremes meet, over wash your face not only can not protect the skin, but also damage the skin. Skin is also ongoing metabolism, there is a certain self-cleaning feature, and because the sweat and sebum on the skin surface to form a weak acid lipid membranes, have a shiny look. If you rub hard, frequent washing will damage the normal epidermal cells, easily lead to the formation of wrinkles.

5, Eat more fruits and vegetables
Tulane University study found that vitamin C can increase collagen synthesis, prevent UVA and UVB damage to the skin, reduce pigmentation, improve skin inflammation.

6, Eat more soy
Research shows that soy helps protect or treat some of photoaging damage, improve skin tissues, make it more compact. Soy also contains proteins that make skin and hair beautiful, but fat is low, eat less meat and eat more soy, to achieve healthy weight loss results.

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