Pimple care in monsoons!

June 18, 2012 16:31
Pimple care in monsoons!

skin care regime is different from season to season, so as the addressing towards the skin issues... let’s

Just as the find out what is the skin care regime for pimples during this monsoons;

Clean the skin by washing thoroughly with soap and by removing impurities. After this you must exfoliate the skin meaning remove the dead cells from the skin.

Freshen up skin by reopening of pores and moisturzing skin by applying moisturizers. Then put a base before putting cosmetics.

Sunscreen is very important when it is cloudy and about to rain. Most people make mistake of not putting sunscreen in this weather but we shd use a sunscreen which should be water resistant, oil free and have high level of Vit- C.

If your skin is normal then you must use sunscreen with high SPF while the oily skin person should go for sunscreen with mineral fillers
Don’t forget to buy an extra pack of oil absorbing tissues that can remove the oily shine your skin can get in this weather. They also help to keep your make up looking fresh all the day.

Face packs preferably fruit base face packs should be used twice a week. Multani mitti face packs can be made at home which are wonderful for the skin. Mix multani Mitti with rose water and curd and besan to make this mask . Apply it on face and keep it till it dries and cracks off. Remove it with help of cold water.

Since in rains the level of humidity in atmosphere is very high so evaporation from the face is minimum. So one should wash his or her face as much as possible with mild soap. In very humidity we should wash our face 4 to 5 times a day.

Now when we wash our face with soap and since we are washing it so many times, the face skin might loose some moisture. So donot forget to apply moisturizers after every time you wash your face with soap. It would keep skin hydrated which is very important in skin care.

Deep cleansers should be used frequently if you have oily skin because oily skin tend to accumulate lots of dust and grime in this weather. This can lead to closing of pores in the skin which leads to acne and pimples. So it is must for oily skin.

In Night we must not leave make up on our skin and let the skin breath. So it is very essential to remove the make up on the skin using oil free make up remover followed by a nice shower.

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