Nee Jathaga Nenundali Telugu Movie Review

  • Film : Nee Jathaga Nenundali
  • Producer : Bandla Ganesh
  • Director : Jaya Ravindra
  • Star Cast : Sachiin J Joshi, Nazia Hussain...
  • Music Director : Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari

Nee Jathaga Nenundali is the remake of Bollywood's Aashiqui 2 and with this film Sachin Joshi made his comeback to Tollywood. Nazia Hussain paired with Sachin while Bandla Ganesh is the producer.

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Raghav Jayaram [Sachin Joshi] is quite a popular singer but unfortunately his singing career is not as he expected and starts boozing. One day Raghav sees Gayatri Nandana [Nazia Hussain] who sings in bars to make money. Raghav introduces himself and promises to make Gayatri a star singer. Within no time Gayatri becomes the most famous singer and also falls in love with Raghav. However, as Gayatri's career reaches sky high, relation with Raghav touches rock bottom. The rest of the story is how Gayatri and Raghav solve their problems.

Analysis :


As we all know the film is Aashiqui 2 remake and such movies are not meant to be remade in other languages. But producer Bandla Ganesh and director Jaya Ravindra dared to do and we have to say, they are not quite successful in this attempt. The film has all the stuff but the real intensity, soul, emotions and feel lack which clearly shows, the movie was just made for namesake.

The first half of the film is slow and dramatic. The interval episode is tenuous while the second half has some worth to watch. The climax is fresh and comes up with a convincing ending and rest of the film will not appeal to you.

Performance :


We know Sachin Joshi and can call him, an actor who doesn't display his emotions both off and on screen. We don't know what producer Bandla Ganesh saw in him and roped him to play the lead role but Sachin never fits the shoes of hero for this film. His performance needs emotions and right skills. Debutant Nazia Hussain is okay but her dubbing went wrong. She tried her best in proving her mettle and is just okay. Rest of the cast did decent job.

Final Word:An unbearable remake but those haven't watched Aashiqui 2, can go for it.