Asura Movie Review and Rating

by Aravind
Asura Movie Review and Rating
  • Rating:
    2.5 out of 5 (2.5/5)
  • Director:
    Krishna Vijay
  • Cast:
    Nara Rohit, Priya Banerjee
  • Banner:
    Devas Media and Entertainment
  • Producer:
    Shyam Devabhaktuni, Krishna Vijay, Nara Rohit
  • Music:
    Sai Kartheek
  • Release Dt :
    Jun, 05 2015


Dharma Teja (Nara Rohit) is a person, who breaks all the rules and sets up his own ones. Being a jailer, he comes across several criminals regularly and be a strict ruler to all of them. He loves his girl Priya Banerjee to the fullest.

Coming to the plot, Charlie (Ravi Varma), a criminal, who has been sentenced to death, tries to escape from the prison, whereas, Dharma goes on trying to close all the available opportunities for him. The story revolves around the both, knowing the winner of the game, will decide the climax.


Asura Movie Review and Rating

As, it is known, the typical style of Rohit films is very slow, the same was followed in the first half. The story picks up on a lighter mode. Scenes from the entry of Charlie (Ravi Varma) would make the film interesting. The songs have been picturized at decent mode, except an item song. The Rohit’s performance and the dialogues are the strength of the entire first half. 

The pickup in the narration, which is seen in the first half, is nowhere observed in the second half. In fact, the narration, which is of a typical daily serial mode, is the major drawback of the film. Many, unnecessary scenes are dragged much.
Coming to the action episodes, they lose the originality in it. The twist which comes in the second half is the backbone of the entire episode. It would be interesting if it's viewed in the theatre itself.


Nara Rohit, who already secured good marks with his acting, keeps up the mark with some promising performance again. There are many instances that would make the normal audience feel that, he is really a jailer. To put it simple, he is apt to the character. But the weight he has put on, might disturb the quality in his acting.  
A film needs a heroine, for filling up the songs in it. The same thing happened with Priya Banerjee, where she had nothing to do with the film. Ravi Varma is the notable person on screen after Rohit. ‘Asura’ would be a perfect turning point for his career. The rest of the actors are good on their part.

The line of the story is good, but the narration seems like, a typical daily serial. The first half  at least had a good pick up, but it drops down again in the second half, which would turn as a curse to the film. Breaking the genre of the regular punch dialogues, Asura marks its style with some decent and sensible dialogues. Music is just ok and it is the BGM which can earn good marks.  

The cinematography and editing bags the major credits. The production values clearly show, the movie team’s care about the budget. Most of the scenes are restricted and compromised to make them fit in the small budget. The director has chosen a good line, but failed to show the impact on the screen.

Final Word

Asura is made on a daily serial mode basis. People who find interesting to watch the slow narrations in serials, might find interesting.  

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  • Asura Movie Review and Rating
  • Asura Movie Review and Rating
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