Lingaa Movie Review

  • Film : Lingaa
  • Producer : Rockline Venkatesh
  • Director : K S Ravikumar
  • Star Cast : Rajinikanth, Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha...
  • Music Director : A R Rahman

Rajinikanth is back to the silver screen after four years in the form of Lingaa. This particular film was stuck in controversies but cleared the hurdles for time being and released today. Interestingly, this day happens to Rajini's birthday and it is for the first time, a film of Rajini's released on his birthday in his 40 years of career.

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Lingaa [Rajinikanth] is a small time thief and robs for his daily needs. One day Lingaa comes across with Lakshmi [Anushka], a journalist. She asks him to inaugurate a temple which was built by his grand father. However, Lingaa isn't interested about the temple nor about his family as because of the financial reasons.

But a rob scam makes Lingaa to go with Lakshmi to the village where the temple is. Upon reaching the village, Lingaa gets to know about this family and horrific incidents. What led Lingaa to his present situation and what happened to his family forms the plot.

Analysis :


We expect a lot from Rajinikanth and even though he disappoints with films, Rajini never misses mark of action, comedy and most importantly style. But Lingaa falls short of both this time. Despite being a kind of similar plot that was heard before, the director KS Ravikumar makes sure the film was presented in a whole new way. The first half of the film is entertaining and pulls the plot. Rajini mesmerizes with his screen presence.

The second half involves the actual plot. But the flash back episodes should have been trimmed by at least 15 to 20 minutes. Too much unnecessary stuff has been added and it distracts the film's flow. The production values are good and lavish. AR Rahman music does not impress.

Performance :


What can we say about Rajinikanth who has vast experience. He is just fits the role with ease. Rajini steals the show in two roles but the older Rajini looks stylish and dynamic. Anushka is good while Sonakshi Sinha has nothing to do with the movie. In whatever she was offered, Sonakshi does well. Jagapathi Babu, Vishwanath are okay.

Final Word: Lingaa is strictly for Rajini fans.