Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki Movie Review

  • Film : Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki
  • Producer : Giridhar Mamidipalli
  • Director : Nandhyala Ravi
  • Star Cast : Avika Gor, Naga Shourya...
  • Music Director : K M Radha Krishnan

Naga Shourya and Avika Gor have teamed up for a family entertainer Lakshmi Raave Ma Intiki which has been directed by Nandyala Ravi who is making his debut as director. Giridhar is producing the film and KM Radhakrishnan composed the music.

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Sai (Naga Shourya) is a young guy who loves Lakshmi (Avika Gor) and he will be shocked to know that she has been already engaged to a software engineer. Lakshmi asks Sai to impress her father Ananda Rao (Rao Ramesh) and marry her. The rest of the movie is what happens next.

Analysis :


The first half of the movie starts on an interesting note with Raj Tharun’s voice over introducing every character in the movie. The first half of the movie makes a strong impression because of the entertainment and the narration. The interval episode has been handled well which brings great impact about the first half of the movie.

The second half of the movie is exactly different in things to say. The movie loses the pace completely and the movie narration gets slower. The movie witnesses a huge downfall On the whole the second half is a huge fall down which depresses.

Performance :


Naga Shourya has been very entertaining throughout the movie and he has been very energetic. His screen presence needs a special mention. Avika Gor did a character which can pull out the families to theatres and she has been traditional and beautiful. Rao Ramesh proved once again that he is the best. All others have been impressive in the movie with their assignments.

The story has enough scope to narrate and the first half has been written good with nice pace and entertainment. The second half has not been taken enough care. The photography and the music have been the assets of the film. The production values have been rich and the director should have focused on the second half which could have fetched good results.

Final Word: Lakshmi Raave Ma Intiki has an interesting first half and the second half makes a large difference which leads to the downfall. Naga Shourya and Avika Gor have been impressive. On the whole Lakshmi Raave Ma Intiki ends on a below average note.


(AW- Siva Kumar)