Ice Cream 2 Movie Review

  • Film : Ice Cream 2
  • Producer : T Rama Satyanarayana
  • Director : Ram Gopal Varma
  • Star Cast : JD Chakravarthy, Naveena, Thanikella Bharani, Jeeva, Nandu..
  • Music Director : Satya Kashyap

Director Ram Gopal Varma who introduced flow cam technology with 'Ice Cream' movie, has come with the second part of the film. However Ice Cream 2 is completely different from the first installment.

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A bunch of close friends decide to make a short film. All the friends are passionate about film making and go to a haunted location to shoot the short film. Sikka [JD Chakravarthy] and his gang attack the friends group. They start kidnapping one by one and eventually kill them. Why is Sikka killing everyone in the friends group and how will survive in the end forms the story.

Analysis :


Compared to first part, 'Ice Cream 2' is much better. Though there are many characters, JD Chakravarthy steals the show with his weird make up and mannerism. The locations are good and the flow cam technology was used much better compared with the first part. Rest of the technicalities are okay. The first half offers nothing while the second half has some meat. The climax is hurried and has no proper justification.

Performance :


Naveena was the talk of the town away before the film's release. She performs well but glamour show is maximum. The 'Ice Fruit' is too steamy and the rest are okay. JD Chakravarthy is the only saving grace for the film. Nandu and Dhanraj are decent to their roles.

Final Word: Ice Cream 2 is suggested to be skipped not once but twice.