Joru Movie Review

  • Film : Joru
  • Producer : Ashok, Nagarjun
  • Director : Kumar Nagendra
  • Star Cast : Sundeep Kishan, Raashi Khanna, Priya Banerjee, Sushma Raj...
  • Music Director : Bheems

Hero Sundeep Kishan is consistently arriving at the box office with good films and managed to keep the audience on eye on him. Attempting a commercial flick with 'Joru' Sundeep Kishan will be seen romancing three heroines in the film. Rashi Khanna, Priya Banerjee and Sushma Raj are the heroines.

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Sandeep [Sundeep Kishan] and Anu [Rashi Khanna] meet unexpectedly. He saves her couple of times from a goon, Bhavani [Ajay] and finally end up in love. However, Anu comes to know that she is being attacked because of her father Sadasivam [Siyaji Shinde]. How is Sadasivam and why Bhavani is attacking Anu constantly? What happens to Sandeep and Anu? All these questions will be answered on the silver screen.

Analysis :


The story of the film is good but with poor narration, it falls in its own trap. The first half of the film is dominated by comedians which diverts the attention of audience. The director seems to have completely misunderstood the script and relied more on entertainment. There is nothing to offer in the first half expect few laughs.

The second half is evenly boring as the comedy and plot gets routine. Though there few good comedy scenes, they cannot save the film. Photography is good and music is just average.

Performance :


Sundeep Kishan has been trying to get the commercial audience his side but he needs to wait for some more time. He did justice to his role and his comic timing was superb. Rashi Khanna is good and in this film, she shows bit of glamour. The other two heroines are no way related to the film except for songs. Brahmanandam will be seen from the beginning to the end but fails to entertain. He is an asset and director completely got wrong in projecting him.

Saptagiri is ok in the first half while rest of the actors were average.

Final Word: Joru does not have that 'Punch', can be easily skipped.


(AW: Vamshi)