Karthikeya Movie Review

  • Film : Karthikeya
  • Producer : Venkat Srinivas
  • Director : Chandoo Mondeti
  • Star Cast : Nikhil Siddharth, Swati Reddy...
  • Music Director : Sekhar Chandra

After the successful 'Swamy Ra Ra' Nikhil and Swati paired for a thriller flick called 'Karthikeya.' The film is directed by Chandoo Mondeti and revolves around a mystery.

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Karthik [Nikhil] is a final year medical student. But Karthik is more interested in unsolved mysteries and he won't rest till they are sorted out. For a medical camp, Karthik goes to Subramanyapuram village and gets to know that Subramanyam Swami temple in the village has claimed many lives under mysterious circumstances. Karthik decides to chase this mystery and takes the help of a local priest [Thanikella Bharani].

What are the obstacles Karthik faced and did he solve the mystery form the rest of the story.

Analysis :


Thriller flicks have disappointed at box office but don't worry 'Karthikeya' will not fall in this category. The movie is gripping with good twists and turns. The director makes every audience engage with the plot and maintains the balance till the very end of the film. The first of the film is very good and never bores. The second half revolves with the main plot but the climax is hurried which might upset the audience. The quality at which the film is made is very good and the producers deserves appreciation for trusting the script.

Cinematography of the film is the biggest asset. The visuals are a treat to watch. The music of the film also counts for the nail biting screenplay. It blends with the film however, few songs are good and can be hummed.

Performance :


Nikhil is the show stopper. He performed brilliantly and probably we can rate this film as his best. Nikhil changed his style completely for this film. Overall a good presentation by Nikhil in all aspects. To be frank, Swati has nothing to offer in this film but did justice to whatever she is offered. In some scenes, Swati looks elder to Nikhil but the camera work covers her up. Thanikella Bharani has a meaty role and rest of the cast were ok.

Final Word: Karthikeya is good thriller flick and can be given a try. Another hit in Nikhil's bag.