Oka Laila Kosam Movie Review

  • Film : Oka Laila Kosam
  • Producer : Akkineni Nagarjuna
  • Director : Vijay Kumar Konda
  • Star Cast : Naga Chaitanya, Pooja Hegde...
  • Music Director : Anoop Rubens

Oka Laila Kosam is a love story movie starring Naga Chaitanya and Pooja Hegde as the main leads. Vijay Kumar Konda is the director for this movie and Anup Rubens has composed music to this movie.

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Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) is a handsome guy who is born rich and completes his studies abroad. After completing his studies, he comes back to India and he spots Nandu (Pooja Hegde) and falls in love with her instantly. He tries to impress her but whenever he meets her, Karthik ends up with a bad experience. Then Karthik finally decides and proposes to Nandu. She rejects him straight away. The biggest twist comes when Karthik’s parents gets him engaged to her. The rest of the story is about how Karthik impresses Nandu and wins her love. Watch it on big screen to know what happens next:

Analysis :


The simple and fresh look of the film is the biggest plus of Oka Laila Kosam. The first half of the film has been filled with fun and comedy. The interval bang has been showcased well. The way the twist has been revealed in the second half has been highly impressive. After a superb first half, the second half makes a fall down and it becomes highly predictable. Once the real twist has been revealed, every scene of the movie becomes predictable. The second half suffers drag in the execution as the emotions dominate the entertainment.

Performance :


Naga Chaitanya looks stunning and his screen presence has been superb. Naga Chaitanya has improved a lot in his acting skills and his expressions have been top notch. Pooja Hegde has an amazing screen presence and she is a surprise for the film as she dominates the things with her acting. The assigned role has been complex, but Pooja has managed to do it well in a challenging way. Ali's comedy is one more highlight of the movie and his comedy has been filled with lot of humour in the movie.

The story has been simple but the movie has been narrated adding entertainment which has been very fresh. The diolagues are written well and they add life for the film. The Photography is the main asset of the film and the movie has been filled up with colours. The songs do not disturb the flow of the movie and they have been fit into the story. Editing and Art Direction have been decent. The production values have been grand. Vijay Kumar Konda has succeeded in showcasing the entertainment but failed in executing the second half of the film.

Final Word: Oka Laila Kosam has everything to offer from a commercial film. After some superb and entertaining first half the second half falls slightly. On the whole Oka Laila Kosam makes up a decent and romantic entertainer.


(AW-Siva Kumar)