Vikrama Simha Review

  • Film : Vikrama Simha
  • Producer : Sunil Lulla, Sunanda Murali Manohar
  • Director : Soundarya R. Ashwin
  • Star Cast : Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone...
  • Music Director : A. R. Rahman

Vikramasimha is first of its kind movie in India made with motion-capture technology. Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone featured in this flick while Rajini's daughter Soundarya directed the movie. Here is the review

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Raja Mahendra [Jackie Shroff] is the king of Kalingapuri kingdom and Ranadeer alias Rana [Rajinikanth is their army chief and unprecedented warrior. Rana expands the empire of Kalingapuri and wages a war against Kotapatnam Empire Ugra Simha. But Rana who marches with all of the Kalingapuri army joins hands with Kotaptnam Prince and he will be appointed as army chief.

However, Rana comes to Kotapatnam to kill Ugra Simha. Who is Rana actually and why he wants to kill Ugra Simha ? Who is Vikramasimha and what is his background forms the entire plot.

Analysis :


Being a technology flick, the artist performance can't be rated in this film. However, the motion-capture technology was completely under utilized. Only the scenes of Rajinikanth were crafted to perfect and the rest of the movie appears like an animation movie. The songs can be avoided in this film. Deepika Padukone has no scope at all.

AR Rahman's music is the biggest asset for the film but the songs placement acts like speed breakers to the flow. Intro of Rajini, war episodes are major highlight in this movie and are filmed extraordinarily.

Performance :


As said above, being tech related movie, artist performance cannot be listed out. Rajini impressed and the facial expression of all artists and their lip sync, goes mismatch.

Final Word:It is only the hype and if you are serious player of Prince of Persia video game, stick at home rather than watching Vikramasimha.