Anamika Telugu Movie Review

  • Film : Anamika
  • Producer : Endemol India, Logline Productions
  • Director : Sekhar Kammula
  • Star Cast : Nayantara, Vaibhav Reddy...
  • Music Director : M. M. Keeravani

Anaamika is the adoption of Bollywood flick Kahaani. Sensible director Sekhar Kammula handled this film while Nayanatara played the lead role. Harshavardhan Rane and Vaibhav played vital roles in Anaamika.

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Anaamika [Nayanatara] arrives from America, and registers a case about her missing husband Ajay [Harshvardhan Rane]. S.I. Saradhi [Vaibhav] handles the case and starts investigating into the missing case. While probing the case many witnesses get killed and even Anaamika life falls in danger. Confused with the case and unable to solve it, Saradhi lusts for Anaamika and asks her to satisfy his desires. Saradhi also gets killed and Anaamika finds a hard disc which contains vital evidence about a bomb blast.

What is in the hard disc and will Anaamika find her missing husband forms the plot.

Analysis :


Generally in a remake film, each and everyone scene will resemble the original however director Sekhar Kammula did not follow this trend. He re-wrote the entire story with the help of ace writer Yandamuri Veerendranath and they did a decent job. Coming to the movie, it lacks something or we can call it as soul. Though Sekhar's tired his best to show an all new film, he partly succeeded in it and partly not. The second half of the film is good than first half and the climax could have been much better.

The cast did their job and all filled the shoes as per the script demand. Background music by MM Keeravani is outstanding and we can rate this as Keeravani's best in recent times.

Performance :


Nayanatara did a decent job and probably for the first time she got a performance oriented role in Tollywood. However, Nayanatara's dubbing misfired and was not upto the mark. Vaibhav is adequate and Harshavardhan had hardly screen presence. Rest of the cast were okay.

Final Word: If you have watched Kahaani, this film falls behind it but overall a very good attempt by Sekhar Kammula.