Chandamama Kathalu Movie Review

  • Film : Chandamama Kathalu
  • Producer : Chanakya Bhooneti
  • Director : Praveen Sattaru
  • Star Cast : Manchu Lakshmi, Aamani, Naresh, Krishnudu...
  • Music Director : Mickey J Meyer

Chandamama Kathalu is a Telugu movie directed Praveen Sattaru of Life Before Wedding [LBW] fame. This particular film is combination of 8 different stories which features Lakshmi Manchu, Krishnudu, Naresh and Amani in the lead roles.

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Sarati [Kishore] is a writer. He is in need of money for treatment of his daughter who suffers from cancer. To make money, he pens a story of 11 different people bounded by 8 stories who have their individual agenda in life. First in this list is a super model Lisa Smith [Lakshmi Manchu] then a 30 year old unmarried Venkateswara Rao [Krishnudu]. Followed by a broken love story of Ashraf-Haseena [Abhijith & Richa Panai], a village love story of Raju-Gowri [Naga Shourya & Amitha Rao], an tender teen love story Raghu-Renuka [Chaitanya Krishna & Shamili]. Mohan-Saritha [Naresh & Aamani] who are separated by marriages but wish to live together, a beggar [Krishneswar Rao] who saves to buy a small house for himself.

The journey of all these people and did their stories had a happy ending forms the entire plot.

Analysis :


Praveen Sattaru is known for coming up with unique subjects. Majority of story resembles each and everyone's practical life and Praveen should be patted on the back for coming up with a 8 different tales. For such movie, screenplay and editing will have to be crispy and edging however they were quite sluggish. Praveen explained each and every character in this film in detail and so first half was bit dragging. But the second half has the soul and screenplay is good. Music and background score added life to the second half. The selection of actors is good.

However, lack of comedy and commercial elements confine the movie to multiplex audience.

Performance :


As a film of 11 individuals, no one had maximum screen presence in this film. Lakshmi Manchi did a decent job as a model. We will definitely see a new Manchu lady in the movie. Naresh and Aamani were the backbone for the film. Their performance and chemistry will attract the audience. Krishnudu is good and tried to provide some laugh and fails. Rest of the cast were okay.

Final Word: Chandamam Kathalu is like watching the moon sleeping on the terrace but after some time you might feel bored.