Doosukeltha Movie Review

  • Film : Doosukeltha
  • Producer : Mohan Babu
  • Director : Veeru Potla
  • Star Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Lavanya, Lakshmi Manchu...
  • Music Director : Mani Sharma

Manchu Vishnu churns out one more comedy caper with director Veeru Potla at the helm. Looking slimmer and fitter, the Manchu brother showed much confidence for Doosukeltha, which also features sis Lakshmi Manchu in a cameo for a song. After Dhee and Denikaina ready, Vishnu stuck to his lucky charm alphabet to come up with another 'D'. The film has a wide release, marking Doosukeltha as the biggest release for the actor so far.

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Vishnu plays the confused role of Chinna, who meets his girl Chinni only to realize she needs help to release herself from the clutches of an overbearing family. Meanwhile, Chinna is also stuck with his professional responsibilities, trying to uncover a scam for his TV head boss. As he tries his best to earn himself the job of a journalist, he meets with an accident. Here Alekhya, aka Chinni, enters to rescue him.

Chinna becomes Venkateswara Rao, goes in search of Alekhya. A growing romantic bubble is once again popped when Chinna realizes that Chinni loves someone else. Our hero then tries to unite the heroine with the man she fell for. As they help each other, Chinni begins to develop feelings for Chinna, by which time a twist makes them come face to face about their childhood ties. The couple will now have to find acceptance with their family.

Analysis :


There is a good dose of comedy for the lovers of this genre. Vishnu takes the help of many talented actors to bring across many entertaining scenes that gaily tickles the funny bone. It all begins with Avatar, the TV head played by Posani. This continues with Brahmam, played by Brahmanandam.

Adding cinematography to its positives, the movie and Vishnu look good, but that's about it. Direction has turned out to be an average effort, as Veeru Potla has only managed to create another formula film. All ingredients were added, but the final dish lacks the likeability factor. The film does not really make you related to any of the characters, lacking a connection. Bad editing has only resulted in a draggy Doosukeltha.

Performance :


Vishnu, though good as the happy go lucky Chinnu, does little to help the film. He acts well and dances even better. Problem is, the main romantic angle lacked the depth that was so important here. Brahmam's jokes make you laugh heartily in places, but one can't help but feel something missing. Ali's could have been much better. All other actors, including Lavanya, did not give the viewers anything special. Is is probably because the dialogues were not as good as expected.

Final Word: Doosukeltha is funny in bits and pieces, but drags for the most part.