Potugadu Movie Review

  • Film : Potugadu
  • Producer : Sireesha Lagadapati, Sreedhar Lagadapati
  • Director : Pavan Wadeyar
  • Star Cast : Manoj Manchu, Sakshi Chowdhary, Simran Kaur Mundi..
  • Music Director : Achu Rajamani

If you didn't get enough of romance in the past, you will now. Manchu Manoj is here to entertain the Telugu viewers with a Kannada remake, comprising not 1 or 2, but 5 love stories. Inspired from 'Govindaya Namaha', Potugadu is directed by the very same director who gave the Kannada hit. Entertainment is offered in huge doses for everyone who is waiting for a fun outing at the theaters.

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Govind, played by Manoj, has had his share of love failures. He wants to end his life. Coincidentally, he meets another jilted lover Venkat, played by Posani. A software employee, Venkat shares his story with Govind and vice versa.

In a recap of all four love stories, Govind reveals the pain he went through with Vaidehi (Simran), Mumtaz (Sakshi), Stacy (Rachel) and Mary (Anupriya). Venkat, on the other hand, has experienced defeat with Swetha, also a software professional. The new friends will now have to come out of their suicidal plan and win their lives back.

Analysis :


Potugadu is an entertainer for sure. Audiences have been waiting eagerly for a light entertainer after a spate of poor films and Manoj has filled that vacuum. The film's first half has plenty of comedy and rib tickling dialogues that will leave you in splits. The scenes where Sunil gave his voice for Ganesha are simply hilarious. Manoj's interaction with Lord Ganesha are pretty well done.

There is lot of action too, but does not reach up to the same levels as usual. The film could have done a little less with the fighting part. While the music and background score are good, cinematography is better than good. The entire look of the film stands out for its quality.

In the second half of the film, however, the pace slackens a bit. More fights and serious scenes dull the momentum. Still, the director takes the film to its rightful ending and connects the missing angles of the story. Picturization of the hit song, Pyaar Mein Padipoya, has very much reached up to the expectations with its creativity.

Performance :


Actors have done a good job of entertaining the audiences and giving the much needed relief with comedey. Posani's portrayal of the depressed software employee and his sad story is funny and endearing at the same time. Golden points go for Sunil's voice over, as he has done a marvelous job. Manoj is himself and viewers know what to expect from him.

Not much can be said for the girls though. They play their parts well, but are lost among the many love stories crowded into a single film. The lead actors could have done more to establish a connect in the love stories. It is only in the last love story of the film that there is something deeper.

Final Word: Potugadu has lots of love stories woven into one product. Go watch it for some light fun and good laughs.