Prema Oka Maikam Movie Review

  • Film : Prema Oka Maikam
  • Producer : Venkata Suresh
  • Director : Chandu
  • Star Cast : Charmy Kaur, Rahul, Saranya Nag..
  • Music Director : MGK Praveen, S.R.Posam

Charmee is back with more skin show in Prema Oka Maikam. After crying hoarse about being cheated into posing raunchily for an earlier film, she does pretty much the same here too. This time, with her consent of course. Under the direction of Chandu, the film has been marketed under the adult film category.

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Charmee plays Mallika, who is a high class prostitute. One day, she becomes responsible for an accident that results in a young lyricist losing his eyesight. Guilty, Mallika takes Rahul, playing Lalith, with her to care for and find a solution to restore his sight. Meanwhile, she stumbles upon his diary and past love for a singer named Saranya, played by Swathi. The interaction between these characters and how Lalith finds a solution to his eye and love problems makes the rest of the plot.

Analysis :


Nothing works for the film. From script and music to cinematography and editing, everything is a failure. The movie has no spark and simply drags till the very end. The directors attempts to induce a flashback after the interval does not do much to salvage the film.

Occasionally there are a few meaningful lines and a song where the protagonist praises women, but that's about it. Even they are not up to the standards as the entire narration lacks a soul first. The film had the potential to bring out a certain sensitivity to the current generation exposed to lots of action and violence. Though it has only a few characters, the film is something that could have been good, but is not.

Performance :


Charmee could not do anything for the film as the script turned out to be her villain. Her performance is an extension of her recent releases, which failed to fire the audiences. Again, here is a performer with the potential but not used well. Performances of all other characters, including Rahul, is mediocre and nothing to talk about.

Final Word: Except for Charmee fans, the film is a huge waste of time and money.