1000 Abaddalu

  • Film : 1000 Abaddalu
  • Producer : P Suneeta, N Seeta Ramayya
  • Director : Teja
  • Star Cast : Sai Ram Shankar, Ester Noronha..
  • Music Director : Ramana Gogula

1000 Abaddalu Movie Review and Rating

Director Teja had his share of controversies. His next 'different' film, 1000 Abaddalu, has released in theaters following plenty of confusion of its release date. The producers may have wanted to cash in on the perfect time, but when a movie is not different like it promises to be, there is nothing that the filmmakers can do salvage it. Sai Ram Shankar are the lead pair, with support from Naga Babu.

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Story :

True to its title, the film is full of lies. It would have been a source of satisfaction if they actually worked. Sai Ram Shankar plays Satya, who tries to woo his lady love. The girl in question is Esther, also Satya. A lot of lies lead to their union. Naga Babu plays Tower star, a true blue powerstar fan, who tries to create trouble. The rest of the story is how the lady Satya protests against the male Satya's lies and how he wins her back.

Analysis :


Teja has given a very average direction for a below average film. If not for the saving grace of the little comedy that tickles the funny bone, the movie does not have much to look forward to. In the name of twists and turns, the film struggles through the story telling.

1000 Abaddalu has few comedy scenes that shine, but that's about it. Except for two energetic songs, screenplay, editing and background music fall flat. On the brighter side, the cinematography is superb.

Performance :


Teja makes good use of the talented Naga Babu in his role as Tower star. The few times he pops on to the screen, he creates hulchul. The actor has impeccable comedy timing and good presence. Other performances are not noteworthy. Mostly, the film drags itself to the climax.

Final Word: It is as bad as Teja's previous film, neeku naku dash dash.


(AW: Shruthi)