Gopichand's Sahasam at the box office has paid off. It's our very own Indiana Jones in original Telugu style. The hero and villain rocked the film with their involvement into the characters. Sahasam is a gripping suspense adventure film, steered to greatness by Chadrasekhar Yeleti. There is a treasure hunt, justified action scenes and Tapsee reminding the audience what Hinduism is all about. The film has created a good amount hype about its technical brilliance and it does not fail to impress.

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Gopichand, as Goutham, plays his part with ease. He is the employee of a private security agency with day dreams of taking short cuts to wealth. He engages in praying, consulting babas and trusting lottery tickets, but to no avail. In a twist of fate, Goutham finds out about a will his rich grandfather left him. Played by Suman, the grandfather had a diamond business in Peshawar. That was before the partition.

In the present day, Gautham embarks on a quest to lay his hands on the inheritance tied to the legendary Hinglaj Devi temple. He has to test his strength and perseverance in Pakistan, while trying to shake off the local goons after his treasure. Tapsee, as Sreenidhi, plays an expert on Hindu religion and helps the hero on his journey. The villian is Sultan, played by Shakthi Kapoor, making trouble for Goutham. Sultan is a terrorist, who is after both Goutham's property and a hidden treasure from the Kanishka Empire.

Gautham has to lay his claim on what belongs to him, while pitted against dreadful terrorists in Pakistan. With clue finding, horse riding and lots of action, he must somehow do it.

Analysis :


Sahasam has more interesting scenes in the second half, compared to the first. It starts slowly but picks up, with few dull moments here and there. The film is low on comedy quotient. One thing about the villain, Shakthi Kapoor is exceptional as Sultan. It is afterall the villainy of the bad guy that makes the hero a hero. This takes the movie from good to grand. Ladakh in the background is simply mesmerizing, making us think it really may be Pakistan. That is what all good films have, the ability to make us imagine the adventure in our mind without distraction.

The action scenes with all the horse riding is a visual feast. With only two songs appearing in the movie, the pace does not lose its way, while the cinematography takes it forward with panache. Chandrasekhar Yeleti has proved his mettle with this entertainer. The film has amazing special effects while the hero is intensely finding clues for the treasure hunt. Clean editing and a good background score makes the experience quite enjoyable.

Performance :


Gopichand is perfect as the treasure hunting hero. He has held his own in the action scenes. Superb performances from both Gopichand and Shakthi Kapoor are the film's highlight, after its technical sophistication. Tapsee looks pretty and plays the role decently as a well informed but typical damsel in distress. Under the capable director, the actors have shone throughout. Ali has a few comedy moments and Suman is seen in a short but decent role.

Final Word: Though the film does not have enough masala for the front bench whistlers, it makes a significant impression. It is not a true commercial offering, but entertaining nevertheless. Superb cinematography, special effects, plot and editing make it completely worth your time and money. It's more for the adventure lovers than the masses.

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