Saradaga Ammayitho

  • Film : Saradaga Ammayitho
  • Producer : Pattikonda Kumaraswamy
  • Director : Bhanu Shankar
  • Star Cast : Varun Sandesh, Nisha Agarwal...
  • Music Director : Ravi Varma

Saradaga Ammayitho is a romantic movie released today with Varun Sandesh and Nisha Agarwal in the lead roles.

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A flirting lover boy Varun Sandesh meets Nisha that makes changes in his character. He falls in real love with her.

Analysis :


The love story is told in a nice way with intimate scenes in which the inner feelings of the lovers right from the moment they like each other to the ultimately falling in deep love.

Performance :


Varun Sandesh’s acting is as usual. He tries his level best to convince audience with to portray the role he has taken. As a debut music director Ravi Varma did well. Nisha is at her best looking pretty and bubbly. Comedy part in the movie is amusing.

Final Word:The movie is a good one to watch.