Ishkq In Paris

Ishkq In Paris Review
  • Film : Ishkq In Paris
  • Producer : Preity Zinta and Neelu Zinta
  • Director : Prem Raj
  • Star Cast : Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek,Isabelle Adjani, Salman Khan,Shekhar Kapur, Sanjay Lafont...
  • Music Director : Sajid and Wajid

"Ishkq in Paris" movie starring Preity Zinta, Rehan, Salman Khan (in cameo) as well as Isabelle Adjani is a romantic comedy set in Paris while it has been directed by Prem Raj at the same time comes in romance genre.

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Ishkq In Paris  review

Story :

“Ishkq In Paris” movie is about two complete strangers Akash (Rhehan Malliek) and Ishkq (Preity Zinta), after having met on a train from Rome to Paris, end up spending the evening together in the romantic city. Nevertheless, owing to a ‘no baggage’ pact set by Ishkq, the two part ways the next morning without a proper goodbye. Ishkq, being the strong-headed independent girl, moves on, while Akash ends up falling for the girl he spent the evening with. They cross paths once again in Paris on the contrary will there be ‘Ishkq In Paris’?

Analysis :

Ishkq In Paris-review

Romantic comedies are perhaps the most difficult films to make contrary to popular belief. Romance, being cinema’s most overrated genre, has had many film makers cashing in by framing the story right. Nevertheless, this film lacks the rich texture of many of your favorite rom-coms.

The story telling is luckily simple but the story itself has no passion and that's the reason it cannot keep its audiences stay attached. Furthermore, the attitudes of its characters being very unpredictable, the film frequently shifts tints. How an independent and ‘live in the present’ woman turn commitment phobic over one flimsy backstory at the same time how a free spirited Akash suddenly falls for Ishkq remains unclear. Even if one stop digging for clues to follow the track, the set up itself is mildly done which in actuality hampered the film’s romanticism even one could not even justify out the reason why Ishkq is so fatigued of love and nothing in the film could prove it strongly enough. The prominent factor remains that the Bollywood romances flow from the legacy of Yash Chopra then again now with such films in the market, it is a culture shock to realize what such film makers are making of Bollywood.

Performance :

Ishkq In Paris  review

Unquestionably Priety Zinta still ranks as Bollywood’s most spirited actress and interestingly, she is back with her cute dimples, unseen on screen vitality and hearty enjoyment screen presence and therefore it's always been a treat watching her!

Rhehan Maliek is too visibly inspired by SRK, it seems as a matter of fact, his acting resembling too much with the superstar’s, the man must realize that a few caricatures are reserved for King Khan alone. Being almost confident, this man remains stationary throughout the film in terms of emoting!

Together both of them put up the most unbelievable chemistry on screen. Going by Zinta’s enthusiasm, it takes Malliek a lot to look bad with her. On the contrary, with caliber, the man manages to seem to be lacking vitality well enough!

Salman Khan, who makes a special appearance in a song, makes for the most whistle- worthy scenes in the film as it remains as a prominent fact that Khan’s stature is enough to concertize the skeletal work of any film.

Final Word: “Ishkq In Paris” that begins as a believable tale of modern day love formed an apex into shaky misguided climax. Priety Zinta who is back on silver screen does a pleasing job on the contrary her film fails to match up to her bygone extraordinarily great stature. Another important fact to mention that the film was lacking the necessary power or anything heartwarming.

Towards the concluding phase, I would like to close it for 3.5 on 5 for this one. With a couple of commendable elements like smoothness of its narrative, the movie does not work for most part due to the fact that its deliberate attempt at being melodramatic at the same time the lack of an effortless script!

Priety fans can gear up and book their show, the rest can decide themselves!


(AW:Samrat Biswas)