• Film : Baadshah
  • Producer : Bandla Ganesh
  • Director : Srinu Vaitla
  • Star Cast : NTR, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep..
  • Music Director : S. Thaman

Vaitla Sreenu's much anticipated movie Baadshah has finally hit the theatres. Expectations escalated the moment this movie went on floors given that NTR and Sreenu Vaitla came together. The movie has promised to cater tonnes of entertainment. Did the movie live up to the expectations of the public? To know the same, go through our Baadshah movie review.

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An international crime syndicate is headed by Saadhu Bhai...



Jr NTR dons the role of Rama Rao, a Mafia man and son of Ranjan who is the right hand of the biggest don in South East Asia, Saadhu Bhai. Ranjan runs a big casino in Macau, while being the most trusted person for Saadhu Bhai. Rama Rao aka Baadshah is the youngest and the most dynamic person on the crime organization but his high ambitions and sharp mind put him against Saadhu Bhai himself. In the clash, Saadhu Bhai joins hands with other rival dons like Crazy Robert, performed excellently by Ashish Vidyarthi, and Violent Victor (Pradeep Rawat). On his quest to kill Baadshah and his family, he draws more ire trying to make a terrorist plot in all major Indian metros.

This breaks too many borders for Baadshah who vows to vanquish the venal ways of Saadhu. He gets in touch with Janaki, Kajal, the daughter of Krishna Simha a Police Commissioner (Nasser). Brahmanandam is a member of their joint family too.

As the movie progresses, there is an ulterior motive for Baadshah to vindicate Saadhu Bhai. Why does he need vengence? What is the role of Brahmanandam? What is the chemistry between Janaki and Baadshah? These questions are answered only at one place, your nearest and dearest theaters.

Analysis :


The story is not entirely new and you might guess what comes as an end to a mafia movie. Families are threatened, the villian is the prime character until the end where the hero has a flashback with the villain and suddenly emerges to his best form thus crushing the baddie. Ultimately, all families are safe and peaceful. Added bonus will be hero and heroine getting together. This story is not much different but there are certain aspects of the movie that need to be commended.

Screenplay and direction deserve applause for the fast pace of the movie despite being almost familiar. Comedy tracks are in line with the movie without being mere fillers. On the other hand, several major characters were brought on screen without well developed roles.

With 4 cinematographers working together, the richness quotient of the movie is immaculate. Songs are average but dances are brilliant.

Performance :


While NTRs action is impeccable as Baadshah, with the right amount of emotions conveyed in every scene that demanded quality, there were certain scenes that seemed to be dragged pressurizing the audience to watch the movie rather than enjoy it. There is no questioning NTR's style and powerful dialogue delivery. Wait for NTR to step on screen as Justice Chowdhary and get awed at the stunning resemblance to his grandfather.

His comical side in the sceneries set in Italy are spot on and well timed. Dances will push you to shake a leg in songs like Sairo Sairo,and Rangoli songs. Kajal Aggarwal was just good with her action and at times seemed to be over-acting too but we can't blame her. Tollywood heorines have this quality innately, I guess. Talking about her glamor in the movie, Kajal scores nearly full. Her one liners are also packed with power.

Mahesh Babu's narratives don't have the punchy effect as we expected but definitely helped the movie score a few more points.Moving on to the most important aspect of the movie, Brahmanandam, comedy-wise, it was perfect. Nasser and Brahmanandam couldn't have done any better. A sangeeth scene with NTR's previous songs will remind you of the Pawan Kalyan's anthyakshari scene.M S Narayana's role of Director Revenge Nageshwara Rao has physical similarities to rebel director Ram Gopal Varma, but doesn't have offensive mockery. Navdeep plays well as the evil cop. Siddharth's brief cameo role is crucial to the movie rather than being namesake.

Final Word: Routine Seenu Vaitla flick but slightly different take with loads of comedy packed into the movie.

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(AW Anil)