• Film : Jaffa
  • Producer : Ramesh Varma
  • Director : Vennala Kishore
  • Star Cast : Brahmanandam, Shravan, Ali, Vennela Kishore, Fish Venkat...
  • Music Director : Sunil Kashyap

The much awaited comedy movie, Jaffa, which has Brahmanandam in the lead role has finally hit the theatres. The movie, unlike other genres of comedy that are known to us, contains dark comedy elements that may not tickle the ribs of every person especially if one gets connected to the subject and looks at it from a serious angle. It's definitely a big experiment by Vennala Kishore. To know if Jaffa can make its way into the hearts of Telugu audience, you have to go through our Jaffa movie review.

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The story revolves around Jaffa (Brahmanandam) an innocent person who will be caught by the police and kept in prison over alleged links with terrorists. While at jail, Jaffa will get close to many people with his empathetic attitude towards others. Jaffa even gets close to the jailer and plans to break out of the jail. What will happen to Jaffa? What was Jaffa's flashback....To know this, you need to watch Jaffa movie.

Analysis :


Jaffa movie's direction was just okay. Vennela Kishore tried to project a serious problem by blending comedy elements into the movie but the slow screenplay spoiled the game. Jaffa is not all that comedy especially if you can't take in the injustice meted out to an innocent person. Laughing at someone's bad situation is at least not comfortable to the family audience. Cinematography is worth hailing and background score by Anup Rubens was okay. It's a good choice if you want to watch Brahmanandam for hours together. Otherwise, it will really not make laugh out your lungs as it apparently promised.

Performance :


What can we say about Brahmanandam. He's a master when it comes to acting in serious comedy roles. His acting was undoubtedly outstanding. Raghu Babu too did his best. Ali was hillarious. Vennela Kishore was okay.

Final Word: A movie with dark comedy elements. Go to the movie if you don't mind laughing at someone's problems.