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Kai Po Che Review
  • Film : Kai Po Che
  • Producer : Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapoor
  • Director : Abhishek Kapoor
  • Star Cast : Raj Kumar Yadav, Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri...
  • Music Director : Amit Trivedi

There are hardly people who haven't heard of Chetan Bhagat's bestseller ‘The 3 Mistakes of my Life’ which has garnered more attention after Abhishek Kapoor decided to retell the story with a slightly different vision as Kai Po Che. The nuances he adds to the film are what makes this story of three friends remarkably moving.

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The film trails the lives of three...

Kai Po Che  review


The movie is largely based in Ahmedabad while the movie depicts the crazy love of the people of India with Cricket, Religion and Politics (which are many-a-time linked together). This is the story of three best friends Govind, Ishaan and Omi. Govind is a geeky guy who falls in love with Ishaan's sister tutoring her. He is a also an ambitious businessman. Ishaan is the crazy god of cricket in school during his school time who failed to make it big. Omi is the religious chap who has a penchant towards right wing politics.

After they set up a business with the help of Omi's uncle Bittoo Mama, their fates are tested. Ishaan starts living his cricket dream training school children and finds a young talent. Differences develop between the trio and they start falling apart. Will their frail friendship stand the test of time? Will they come together forgiving each other's "mistakes"? Watch the movie for the "feels" of true friendship and a better understanding of reconciliation, although you know how the movie ends.

Analysis :

Kai Po Che  review


Abhishek Kapoor has earned respect from me with his story telling skills. He will be one director who will be among the few who remain in the industry after many years to come. No nonsense delivery of emotions, subtle nuances and great details, the scenaries, adding to an otherwise normal movie make it a must watch. Songs from the movie like Manja, and background music are the highlights of the movie. An unbiased view of the communal riots brings the movie together.

Performance :

Kai Po Che  review

Sushant Singh Rajput was marginally better among the best performances from the debutants. For a debutant, his skills are invitations for other directors willing to hone new talent in the industry. Ishaan is a very difficult character to carry along in the movie but Sushant does it effortlessly as if he is walking in the skin of the cricket lunatic. Raj Kumar Yadav as Govind is brilliant too with the cut-the-melodrama kind of action as a businessman. Though there is little he says in the movie, his emotions are powerful and make an impact on the viewers.

Amit Sadh seemed rather blunt in the initial stages but that added to the contrast at the end of the movie where Omi breaks down. His rage and loyalty to friends are just more than brilliant. Amrita donning the role of Vidya as the quirky adolescent did great in her peurile role. It was the independent nature of her role without interfering with the movie, which made it a better character.

Clever role of Manav Kaul as Bittoo Mama needs to be lauded.

Final Word: Watch the movie for the strong strong emotions, bromance and unbiased view of the incidents in Gujarat. Excellent rendition of a well known story.



(AW- Anil)