• Film : Genius
  • Producer : Dasari Kiran Kumar
  • Director : Ohmkar
  • Star Cast : Havish, Sanusha,Sarath Kumar...
  • Music Director : Joshua Sridhar

One good thing about the movie is a non-commercial movie that tried to send a message to the audience. The bad thing is that it has failed to do it effectively as the first half is entirely boring with needless songs shoved into the audience's …... face. Watch the movie if you are patient enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel though it is not particularly bright.

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Three close friends Havish, Ashwin babu, and Vinod are through thick and thin right from their childhood. First half is incomprehensible with kidnaps and songs at the wrong times. Havish dreams to see Pradeep Rawat as an MLA, Ashwin would never say no to his Havish. Vinod has his own weakness, his sycophancy to Chinna Babu. After a few plot twists that you won't have a lot of trouble guessing, their lives turn upside down. The hilarity and message from the movie are best watched on Screen.

Analysis :


Ohmkkar annaya, was not particularly enjoyable on the small screen but his presence behind the screen tells us that he has the potential to handle movies on the big screen. His narration was obnoxious and the plot was not well portrayed too. His comeback in the second half however is commendable. Parachuri Brothers gave great dialogues to the movie. Great emotional content in the dialogues are though provoking and also send a message to the audience regarding the lionization of celebs. Screen play was extremely poor, background scores for the movie were above average but without them the movie would have failed considering the emotional requirement. Song cinematography earns a few marks for the movie. Editing needs improvement too.

If you are at the theater only out of curiosity to see what the movie is, you would be cursing yourself for the first half after which it gets better. Healthy comedy scenes, powerful dialogues in a few parts and the plot in second half are worth appreciation. Major part of the credit goes to Parachuri Brothers with the dialogues and the remaining is for the BGM and directional skills of Omkar. Fights in the movie are a cherry on top.

Performance :


After Nuvvila, Havish should be admired for the improvement he made for this movie but for the audience, it is not his improvement that counts but his performance. On this front he has failed though he had enough screen time. Expressions are a mess with him. Brahmanandam is the King of comedy and he has proved it once again. The hilarity in the theaters when he starts dancing to Megastar Chiru's and Power Star Pawan Kalyan's hit numbers cannot be explained in words. Suman who plays the Brahmin, and the hero's father had something lacking. Sarath Kumar was perfect in his usual role, a police officer.

There is no critique for Kota Srinivasarao and Annapoorna. They did what they do best, and at times they well up the tears in your eyes. Comedy by Master Bharat, Krishna Bhagawan, Venu Madhav and Thagu bothu Ramesh was just the perfect spice from the comical aspect of the movie.

Final Word: A timepass one time flick to laugh heartily if you have the patience of bearing the first half.


(AW- Anil)