Rebel review

  • Film : Rebel
  • Producer : J.Bhagavan, J.Pulla Rao
  • Director : Raghava Lawrence
  • Star Cast : Prabhas,Tamanna,Deeksha Seth...
  • Music Director : Raghava Lawrence

Rishi to Rebel performance by Prabhas is awesome. Rebel proves Prabhas capacity as a hero who could mantle the film on his shoulders from start to finish. Unlike most heroes, an average Prabhas film has many prominent roles that share the glory of success, but this one is a solo show by Prabhas, worth a watch. This film is released today with pomp and grandeur, globally.

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The story follows the life of Rishi..



The story is about an avenging son, Rishi (Prabhas) set out to Bangkok to woo a dancer, Nandina (Tamanna) to get hold of certain secrets that will get him closer to the villains. In the process he succeeds, just at that moment, the heroine realizes his mission. While probing on the hero she gets to know about his flash back. Then Prabhas the son of mafia don Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju) is a vagabond and enjoys his life. In the process he tries to woo another girl Divya (Deeksha Seth). Then a sudden turn of events takes place as Bhupathi is cheated by his own brothers Mukesh Rushi and Simhadri (Pradeep Rawat).

This leaves the hero with no other option but to take over the mantle from his father to avenge the issue. With the help of his father's Man-friday Raju (Supreeth), Rishi transforms into Rebel. And the rest of the story is about how he avenges and finds out what happened to Divya and Bhupathi. This bit has to be watched on the bigger screen and not in between the lines of this review.

Analysis :


If you are looking for the Prabhas of Mr Perfect, then Rebel is sure to disappoint you. However macho man turned action Prabhas has done his best in Rebel, though Lawrence could have matched his performance with a powerful narration. On the other hand the director tried his best in depicting Prabhas in a different way. Lawrence is ever smitten by the flash back bug and this time too, the episode gives a specific turn to the narration, an unexpected one. Prabhas had been his best but the story needed to be tinkered to build up the necessary momentum, revealing the lack of home work by the director. Comedy fell flat and failed to widen your lips for a smile.

Performance :


The director could have done better, in spite of the actor emoting better than his previous endeavors. Prabhas was well at home in his role which had shades of a vagabond, lover boy and hard core Don. Looks like the brawny hero of Tollywood had put up his best performance till date. A treat to his fans.

Tamanna is an advantage to the film. The gorgeous beauty was too much for the silver screen. Deeksha Seth was restricted for the glamor doll act and was disconnected with the film. Veteran Krishnam Raju still retains the spark in his role as the Don.

And now coming back to the Director's role, many scenes in this film look like reminiscents of his previous projects. Like the Russian female fighters in the climax, western villains and the protagonists in female outfits, remind the film goers of the previous stints of the director, provided you are a die-hard fan of the director like me and have watched all his films.

Anyways comedy was not all that peppy. Brahmanandam could not recreate the magic as expected and Ali was misplaced in the whole show. Probably out here, the etching out of their characters was not up to the mark either. The solace was the extra brilliance of the cinematographer. While the director makes Parbhas shake his waists better with his ardent skills as a renowned choreographer. Instead of walking in songs Prabhas has given some moves that shall be remembered for long.

In a nutshell: Rebel is all about how Prabhas transforms from a vagabond son to a powerful Don, out to avenge his father's detractors. If you are looking for some hard core action films, which of course defies logic, then this is the one. Treat for Prabhas fans.

Final Word: Rebel Mass entertainer sure to entertain the front benches.