Endukante Premanta

Endukante Premanta
  • Film : Endukante Premanta
  • Producer : Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
  • Director : Karunakaran
  • Star Cast : Ram, Tamannah, Suman, Sayaji Shinde...
  • Music Director : G V Prakash Kumar

Love story Edukante Premanta has been released across the globe on June 08. Directed by Karunakaran, Endukante Premanta received average response on day one. Ram and Tamanna appeared in lead roles in the movie.

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Endukante Premanta


The story revolves around two characters—Ram and his love interest Sravanthi (Tamanna). The duo happens to meet in Paris and befriend each other. They get struck in Paris and need passports and money to get out of that place. Sravanthi will help Ram to reach India. Ram wanted to know more about Tamanna and that becomes his aim. The story was adapted from Hollywood film Just Like Heaven.

Analysis :

Endukante Premanta

The story has no logic. There’s not much to talk about entertainment although Bramhanandam tickled ribs now and then. The chemistry between Ram and Tamanna didn’t work out. Actor Ram could have performed better. There were flaws in the adaptation of the movie. The music scored by Prakash Kumar was not soothing. Cinematography was a plus point to the film. The costumes were good.

Performance :

Endukante Premanta

Ram gave his best. Tamanna performed well. She was looking gorgeous. Shayaji Shinde did his best. Bramhanandam was hilarious. Krishna Bhagwan was okay.

Final Word:Endukante Premanta is romantic comedy and concept is not universally acceptable.