• Film : Mogudu
  • Producer : Nallamalapu Srinivas(Bujji)
  • Director : Krishna Vamsi
  • Star Cast : Gopi Chand, Tapsee, Rajendra Prasad, Roja, Shradda Das and others..
  • Music Director : Babu Shankar

Creative Director of Telugu Cinema, Krishna Vmasi has finally made a film, that he is actually known for. When we remember, we recollect, the block buster family entertainers he has made like ‘Murari’, ‘Ninne Pelladatha’. Later, this director has tried various jorners of film making. But, this changeover did not work positive for him. So, the director again made a 100% Telugu Cinema, with all the vamily values inculcated in the story, named it as ‘Mogudu’ and released the same today. Did the magic repeat? What is the first talk of the film?

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Ram Prasad popularly known as Bujji (Gopi Chand) is the son of Anjaneya Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), one of the richest man and social activist...



Ram Prasad popularly known as Bujji (Gopi Chand) is the son of Anjaneya Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), one of the richest man and social activist. Prasad wants his son Bujji to get married and settle in life. After few failed attempts to find a bride, Bujji falls in love with RajaRajeshwari (Taapsee). She is the daughter of Chamundeswari, a powerful political leader (Roja). Both the families are happy for the couple and they get married in a grand manner. Small issue rises when they are about to send Raji with Bujji. That turns into an awkward and the couple gets separated then and there. Now, does the couple get united again? What would be the take off of the sotyr from this point? You have to see the same on silver screen.

Analysis :


Krishna Vamsi did well in building up the story. By the time of Interval, the film changes color and Krishna Vamsi brought that on to the screen in a convincing manner. He has brilliantly shown how small ego clashes lead to big fights in marriages. The film revolves around the entire value of marriage and also talks about how a small ego clash can ruin, properly built relationship as well.

But Krishna Vamsi found it tough to change the mood of the film all of a sudden. He faltered a bit and the confusionsin the characters and their behavior is clearly visible. The movie changes track when it lands in Mauritius. Despite being funny at times, the whole situation looks forced and unconvincing. The climax of the film was not up to the mark. The entire take off of the film, fallen apart because of the climax being a bit routine and too much dragging. Krishna Vamsi made almost every role over react to the situation that made the film look a bit UN natural. Overall, though Krishna Vamsi has come up with his kind of a film after all these years, he has failed to reach 100% up to the expectations of the audience.

Technicalities :

Gopi chand

Gopi Chnad actually transformed to the role and did his best to look natural in the never before done role. He managed to do the justice to the role. Tapsee, shed her glam doll image and added lot of performance to her role as well. Though her hard work was showing off, there were certain sequences in the film that required a lot more performance from this actress. Shradda Das was good enough o add that Masala to the film. Rajendra Prasad was for sure a show stealer of the film. Roja did a fairly well job. The Music scores were good enough, but not all the songs were up to the mark. The technical and production values of the film were good enough. The Cinematography was a highlight in particular in the song sequences. Overall, ‘Mogudu’ managed to earn, an average talk.

Final Word ‘Mogudu’ a Average flick!