MausamFilm: Mausam

Director: PankajKapur

Produced By: SheetalVinodTalwar,Sunil A Lulla

Music: PritamChakraborty

Star Cast: ShahidKapoor, SonamKapoor, SupriyaPathak, AnupamKher and others…


‘Mausam’, ShahisKapoor as a Hero and his father and once Veteran Actor PankajKapoor being the director of the film. Right from the trailers were announced to the release of the film postponed to 23rd September from 16th September, the Movie caught the attention of us. Now, after watching the film, will it manage to give the same feel? Let’s see;


The film opens at the Punjab countryside, where a drifter waiting for a call-up from the Indian Air Force, Harry (ShahidKapoor) meets and falls in love with Aayat (SonamKapoor), who has been sent away to the safety of her elder sister’s home.But as events beyond the smitten couple’s control swirl around them, the relationship between Harry and Aayat starts sprouting. And soon, these couple get separated, but meet again meet again and part in faraway Scotland, and then finally reunite amid the Gujarat conflagration.


The film revolves around a fine element of ‘love’. It is a story that considers the emotions and the love that revolves around a couple. Director PankajKapoor, who made his debut as a director with this film, tried to convince the audience with certain not so convincing points. The first half of the film is a bit okay. But, the second half seems to be much more irritating. The second half is very boring and seems to be not interesting at all. Though all other actors performed well, the story and the takeoff of the film itself is not agreeable.


Hero of the film, ShahidKapoor had much to do in the film. he has shown variations in his performance. From a happy-go-lucky wastrel to a passionate lover boy, and from an earnest fighter pilot to a man agonizing for his lost love, he traverses a wide spectrum of shades with confidence. Heroine SonamKapoorhas to go some more way to transform herself as a complete actress. as of now, she is only for regular films and not for performance oriented roles. Seems like director Pankajkapoor was only interested in showcasing his taking and directorial skills and not on the connect of the film. That shows in the film. it is definitely a regular boy meets girl story, but some change added to it.

Final Word:

‘Mausam’, another boring film!