Ragini mms

Ragini mmsFilm Ragini mms

Cast: Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav

Direction: Pawan Kripalani

Genre: offbeat mainstream Thriller


Maker of ‘Ragini mms’ Ekta kapoor must be planning for a grand gala party. The film that is made on a realistic incident along with Director’s Drama added to it turns to be a good entertainer. Audience restrict themselves to their seats although watching the film. The flick is definitely not for family Audience. ‘Ragini mms’ is a offbeat realistic film that’s a youth entertainer. The film is simultaneously released in Telugu version.

Story: Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) and her boyfriend, Uday (Raj Kumar Yadav) plan a weekend getaway in a desolate bungalow in the midst of a forest. Of course, Uday has plans to make a sex tape out of their intimacy and sell it. But a incidents happens, that turns the entire plan into a nightmare. How does Ragini gets out of this? What is the climax, has to be seen on Silver Screen.
: though the story line of the film is taken from a real time incident that took place in Delhi, there was a Horror element that is added to the story, which actually excites the audience. ‘Raginimms’ is a realistic film that involves Hollywood style of making element in it. We suggest those who want to watch this flick to go to the theatre, without any expectation on the story. Only then you can enjoy watching the flick.

Ragini and Uday make an interesting couple. Ragini is Today’s girl who has no inhibitions about any of her expressions. Whereas, Uday is a pakka Desi Boy, with all those behavior required. Uday is a guy who does not regret to his actions. He even goes to an extent of filming his ‘make out’ with his girl friend Ragini, only because he was promised with a film, if he does this act.

we get to see some extra ordinary and natural performance of the lead pair. The sound effects, camera work, a bit of suspense, and the Horror element that is present are the highlights of the film. Though the camera shade that was dark is one of the highlights at times it is a drawback too as the film looked a bit too dark

Final Word:

Overall, ‘Ragini mms’ is a onetime watcher.
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