Ala modalaindi Review

Movie Name   : Ala Modalaindi

Ala modalaindi Review

Rating       : fullfullfullfullfull3 

Artists      : Nani, Nitya Menon 

Director    : Nandini Reddy 

Producer   : KL Damodar Prasad 

Banner      : Sri Ranjith Movies 

Music        : Kalyani Malik 

 Story: The story takes off with John(Ashish Vidyarthi) kidnapping Goutham (Nani). On the journey, John asks Gautham to  entertain him with his story and his narration leads to flashback. Goutham tells how he meets Nitya (Nitya Menon)  and falls in love with her accidentally. While Goutham thinks of expressing his love, he discovers Nitya already  has a fiancé (Chaitanya). Goutham stops communicating to her leads his life. Nitya later discovers she is in love  with Goutham and breaks her relationship with her fiancé but discovers Gautham had a fiancé Kavya (Sneha ullal).  What will Nitya do then? Will Goutham and Nitya unite? Why did john kidnap Goutham forms the rest of the story. 

Performances:  The performances of the lead characters are definitely a plus to Ala Modalaindi. Nani gives an energetic performance throughout with ease in his dialogues and body language.  His voice is an asset to him which covers his minor drawbacks. Debutant lady Nitya Menon gives an amazing performance and scores full marks.  She is a treat to watch with her cute looks. The actress dubbed her own voice and also sang couple of  songs which is praiseworthy. Given a chance in big banners, Nitya is sure to find her place in the top niche. Ashish Vidhyarti is perfect as a comedy villain, Sneha Ullal does a convincing job in the cameo role, Rohini as  hero’s mother does justice to the role. Snehageetham Chaitanya is good. Hemanth does an entertaining role.  Rest of the roles made their presence felt to the story. 

Technical Aspects: Kalayani Malik’s background score was good and the songs which were shot in some real locations are impressive.  Cinematography by Arjun Jena was a minus point with the dull visual appeal. Editing could have been better in the  first-half but Ala Modalaindi has good script and some fresh dialogues. Director Nandini Reddy showcased her directorial skills with a good script but screenplay could have been better as  few scenes made the viewers bored. First few scenes in the film were boring and fails to grab the viewers attention  but the movie slowly picks up its momentum and keeps you entertained with laugh out loud scenes in the last forty minutes  of run time. 

Analaysis: First half of the film goes on a bumpy ride with several ups and downs but the pace of the film picks up in the second  half giving you the loads of entertainment. Though the technicalities of Ala Modalaindi lacks, the movie keeps you  entertained with some laugh out loud scenes.

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ala modalaindi Review