5 perfect reasons for immense craze of Rajinikanth!

December 12, 2015 13:10
5 perfect reasons for immense craze of Rajinikanth!

Rajinikanth, the one name that has the capability of shaking the whole country. He is the indisputable king of Indian box office.
In that sense, not just within the country, even the Japanese and Chinese audience, also fell in love with Rajini’s style. On the occasion of his 65th birthday today, let us know, the five best things, that made Rajinikanth, what he is today.

1. Being the national language, Hindi movies have greater scope to collect good revenue in the country. In fact, that made several stars in Bollywood, acquire huge popularity in the country. The analysis went wrong, after the entry of Rajinikanth. Being a south Indian hero, he could show the stamina of the south Indian films through the movies like Baasha, Mutthu, Arunachalam and even the recent Robo, beating the collections of Bollywood movies too.

2. Apart from the films, he is considered as a demigod by the Tamil movie audience, for his charitable works. He spends almost half part of his income towards the charities. When an author Naman Ramchandram, wrote a book on Rajinikanth biography, he unpublished Rajinikanth charitable works, upon the request of the actor.

3. He is the first person, who is dark in colour and yet gained immense popularity. No doubt, he is the style king, but Rajinikanth maintains it only in films and never minds to expose his original avatar, in the non-shooting programmes, which many cannot dare to.  

4. Most of the films like Mutthu, Arunachalam, Shivaji etc, are dealt with the human struggle for life, which is even related to his original life, where he started from a normal bus conductor. That inspires the common public a lot and makes one relate to the character easily.  

5. Finally, the most important point, which made his fans, go crazy about him is, even after achieving this range of craze, he never fell back of money and got ready to go to Himalayas, leaving everything, believing that he can find peace, only there.

Hope the star, who is beyond a star, adds few more floors to his height of craze, in the coming days and meanwhile, join us in wishing the one and only Super Star Rajinikanth, a very Happy birthday.

By Phani Ch

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