Anchor Prasanthi ‘Affair’ movie review

December 01, 2015 15:14
Anchor Prasanthi ‘Affair’ movie review

Upon facing several difficulties from the censor board, Affair movie was finally released, under a low profile.
Right from the day the posters of the movie, are out, they hinted that, ‘Affair’ is about a lesbian couple love story. The movie earned a good curiosity, among the public. Finally, it was released into the theatres and here is the review of Affair.


Sunny (Prasanthi) and Alex (Geethanjali) fall in love with each other. One day, Alex decides to take Sunny to her home, which is situated in a forest. The duo will reach the house by midnight. At that time, a psycho kills Alex parents and kidnaps Alex.

Who is that psycho and how is he related to the main plot, and how does, Sunny saves Alex? The answers to all these questions, forms the rest of the story.


The first impression anyone gets after watching Affair trailer is that, the plot to revolve  around the lesbian concept. Though first few minutes of the film, dealt on the similar line, it was later diverted, after the entry of psycho.
The audience who enters the theatre, expecting unique plot like the lesbian concept, ends up watching a regular thriller based movie. Even that thriller side, was spoiled, with the mix senseless violence. Most of the scenes appear silly, except Dhanraj comedy episode. The back to back violence in the movie, irritates the audience. 


Prasanthi as Sunny, has given her outstanding performance in the film. She has perfectly adapted to the boyish looks and bold character. Geethanjali is the major glamor of the movie. The way she expressed her emotions, in her love scenes with Prasanthi are sure watchable. The psycho, is another important character, after the main leads. He drives the emotions in the character perfectly. Rest other characters gave a decent performance.

Seshu music is good and a little effort on background music is necessary. Editing and cinematography has several flaws, production values are ok, dialogues make us smell an English dubbing movie in Telugu. Director Sri Rajan, seems, not sure of what he intended to say and what he actually said in the movie. He spoiled the most anticipated concept, diverting it to too much of senseless violence.

Final word:

Stay away from maintaining affair with ‘Affair’ movie and continue it with your spouse itself.

By Phani Ch

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