Intolerance: Shah Rukh Khan supports Aamir Khan

December 01, 2015 13:05
Intolerance: Shah Rukh Khan supports Aamir Khan

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan had reacted to Aamir Khan statements, related to the intolerance in the country.

Needless to say the range of viral, Aamir Khan statements, went across the country. Speaking about the issue, Aamir said that, his wife Kiran had suggested to move out of India. Just after a few minutes of his statement, the issue went viral in all the leading social networking sites and several criticized Aamir and a few even supported.

Now adding to the list of that ‘few’, Shah Rukh Khan, the co-star and a very good friend of Aamir had said, “In an age of social media outreach, where users attempt to give an easy and quick judgement.”

“Twitter and social media is about free voice, people do take very radical steps, they get abusive. Even a generic statement can be turned into radical statements by people.”

Referring the controversy surrounding Aamir, Shah Rukh stated that, he will now address only those issues, on which he has detailed knowledge.

“I'm relieved now that I should now talk only about what I know. I need not speak on any and every other topic on which someone feels that I should speak on because I have been around for 25 years,” Shah Rukh said.

On the other side, even after Aamir Khan explained about the meaning behind his comments and said that he loves India and do not want to leave the country, the criticisms still continued against him. A website on the name was started, which was making the visitor slap Aamir Khan, virtually.

But upon the huge criticisms, from Aamir followers, the website has now being redirected to This website helps the readers to kiss Aamir virtually, implying that kiss, as the support to Aamir statements.

By Phani Ch

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