Why Siddhu is neglecting that?

May 07, 2015 16:57
Why Siddhu is neglecting that?

Few of them know that Siddharth's latest flick 'Nalo Okadu' is released in theatres this Friday. But the fact is, only a few know those who are ardent followers of the actor.

The reason behind this is anyway open. It seems like Siddhu is not at all concentrating on the publicity. His previous films which had lacked this publicity were left as disasters. Though that was not only the reason for failure, this reason stood front among the various reasons for the failure of his past movies.

Now Siddhu is repeating the same mistake again. Nalo Okadu is getting ready for release and till now, there are no such promotional activities for it. It would be better if he remembers that all of his past films like Bommarillu, Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana, were successful as the publicity stunts are very heavy for the film. Anyway the producers of those films are big and so they did that.

The term 'fade out' is already coined on Siddhu to. So it would be better, if he takes out that impression at least with this film's success. But without publicity, is it possible to make audience convincing to watch the film?

By Phani

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