Modern Trend In Cinema

October 24, 2013 16:48
Modern Trend In Cinema

The success of a movie is measured with the money it collects in crores. Before that, it is valued with the money invested in it again in so many crores. Totally money is ruling. The element of art and devotion has gone into oblivion.

In order to give the satisfaction to the audience that the money they spend on the ticket, refreshments and parking fee is compensated, the movie makers are giving them an item song, destructive fights that are humanly impossible and entertainment with catchy dialogues called punches.  They make the hero slap his friends and companions when they are not busy with heavy fights or shaking a leg with heroines by specially going abroad to do that even if doesn’t fit in the story.  This is called formula of a successful movie.

Some funny calculations made the above observations to make.  Those calculations are like this:
Pawan Kalyan and Ramcharan movies collected Rs.400 crores collectively if their five recent movies’ collections are added. Pawan Kalyan is leading in that by 205 crores and second position is occupied by Ramcharan Tej with 195 crores among all Telugu heroes. Allu Arjun also made his recent five movies gross 125 crores.

Rich production in olden days means that the movie is presented with artistic fineness and a good story told in a nice and appealing way.  Now it is how much is spent on the blowing of Sumos and for shootings in foreign lands to get a rich look to the movie.

Ok. If the money is ruling everywhere why not in the movies too?


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