Real problems of picking up a problematic partner

April 07, 2021 21:07
Real problems of picking up a problematic partner

Real problems of picking up a problematic partner:- Human bondings are the best and they thrive for love from their parents, partners and kids. We do not know about the partner we get or we fall in love with. Everybody gets attracted to a person and you are not aware about if they suit you and if they travel with you for the rest of the life. Problems start on a smaller note and they even turn bigger and leave the partners to part ways. “We accept the love, we think we deserve.” is a famous quote by Stephen Chbosky. About picking up the right or wrong partners, here are the views of experts:

Some experts say that the reflection of love received during the childhood days will make you look for your partner after you are grownup. It is the equation between the parents, that paves path about your partner. Some times these feelings are not pleasant and honest. This is the example of a person who is grown around abusive parents. Such kids are on with an abusive partner after they are grown up and they would find similar partners. All those with negative perception always walks into a relationship that is problematic.

Some of the people's minds are flushed with negative views and their partners suffer a lot because of this. All those with extreme empathy cannot harm anyone consciously. In such cases, the people neglect themselves to protect others and care for them. There are partners who wish to drown their partner when they are in such situation. Growing in an uninformed environment will make you difficult to understand your partner. You have to be healthy with yourself to have a healthy relationship with your partner.

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