Kamalatho Naa Prayanam Movie Review

  • Film : Kamalatho Naa Prayanam
  • Producer : Esanaka Sunil Reddy
  • Director : Narasimha Nandi
  • Star Cast : Shivaji, Archana...
  • Music Director : KK

Kamala Tho Naa Prayanam is love story of call girl who dreams of a colorful life directed by National award winner Narasimha Nandi.

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The film is set in 1950s, Kamala Rani [Archana] is call girl in a small time village. Except for body, nobody cares for Kamala which makes her to go in depression. But Kamala is hopeful that one day a man will come who really lovers her rather than her body.

One night in a heavy rainfall, Suryanarayana [Sivaji] stops at Kamala's home for shelter. However she thinks that Suryanarayana is also one among the men who lusts for body. Later when they start talking to each other Kamala and Suryanarayana fall in love.

Is Suryanarayana the one Kamala was waiting for and will both get married and settled down happily form the entire plot.

Analysis :


The story of the is simple and understandable. Human values and emotions which are missing in present movies are ample in this film. The first half of the movie is okay and the second half has the entire soul of the film. The last half-an-hour is good but the climax is predictable and the snail pace test the audience patience.

Music is biggest drawback for this film. They sound routine, boring and come as speed breakers to the flow of the film.

Performance :


Archana for the first time played a call girl role and she did an impressive job. She did show some skin to resemble with the character and displayed right kind of emotions.

Sivaji has a major role in this film but he did lot more to his character than what the director actually wanted.

The entire film runs on three characters and director should be credited for such a bold attempt.

Final Word: This is an complete art film indirectly aimed for awards. As a common audience, a one time watcher for a different experience.