Jagan will get bail in May

March 04, 2013 19:25
Jagan will get bail in May

Everyone has been waiting indefinitely for YS Jagan's release from the jail where he has been spending his time since ages. There is no certain knowledge when he will come out of the jail or if he even gets a bail on the same. However, there is positive news for his fans. Jagan might be out of jail as soon as may. This news however is not from the political leaders or the judicial ones but from astrologers who are reputed for their ability to predict occurrences.

One Astrologer who goes by the name Narasimhacharyulu has predicted good fortune for Jagan starting July 29th until 14th September and later on until July 8, 2014 he will lead a very grand political life.

Astrology prodigy Mandha Suryanarayana Sharma has a different prediction. Y S Bharati, Jagan's wife has a great future with her husband according to her fate in the coming year. This is good news for Jagan obviously with hints of bail soon in the picture. He in fact said Jagan will definitely get his bail in May.

Predictions of Gargeya Srinivasamurthy doesn't completely agree though. He said this year is not prospective for Jagan who will be tormented by troubles greater than his father, YSR, before December 2013. There is no chance of bail until then. But once Jagan is out of the jail, he has guaranteed 'Rajabhogam' to Jagan.

They say astrology is not merely a superstition but a prediction based on a science. Let's see if at least one of them got it right.

(AW- Anil)

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