Don’t argue, work out silently

June 29, 2015 17:32
Don’t argue, work out silently

Be it office, home or elsewhere, we generally might have experienced the situation like this in our life.

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It is, comparing with the others. If it is at home, the parents or family members compare us with others and ask us to be like them or get inspired by them. This situation might not be an exception even at our work place, where our boss insists us to get inspired from the co-workers. In those situations, instead of arguing with them, just be silent.

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Work out on the best thing you can do, where the people on top of you, might not even dream of doing it. One fine day, after you have achieved it, your family members and your boss in the office or in fact, the people who opposed you, will now apologize you, though not directly, but definitely in the heart.

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Instead, if we argue, the people treat us, as empty vessels that make noise. So working out our dream silently is the best thing we can do in those situations.

By Phani

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