Top 3 hair-raising myths

August 24, 2012 13:01
Top 3 hair-raising myths

Here are three myths associated with your hair. Read on...

Myth: Plucking a grey hair multiples grey hair growth.

Fact: Pure fiction. Thank your stars that this age-old belief is a myth. But still avoid plucking one to prevent damage of roots.

Myth: Brushing your hair 100 times every night will increase its shine.

Fact: How we wish this wasn't a just a myth. For that perfect lustre, focus on proper hair care or consult your stylist. Too much of brushing might just lead to more hairfall.

Myth: Cutting your hair will make it grow faster.

Fact: While the myth seems to have been there forever, hair generally grows at its own pace (usually about half an inch per month). But do go in for regular trimmings for a healthy hair by doing away with split ends.

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