Long hair? No more boring.

January 05, 2012 13:10
Long hair? No more boring.

Most of us are still living in a thought that, long hair is so boring, it does not give us that young look and we can’t experiment much with long hair, rather than tying it or leaving it UN tied. Well, this is not so true. You can watch any serial on any National Television, almost every other actress flaunts her long and beautiful, well maintained hair. So, why not we? It just requires a bit more knowledge about what all we can do to make our long hair look ‘Just Awesome’.

Curly / Wavy Hair: Whether it’s naturally curly or wavy, a great look especially in summer is to wave it out. With a beautiful front swept side fringe, you will feel like a star. Best way to achieve this look is by using a hot curling wand or roller curls. But my number 1 way for my own hair is using my GHD straighter, believe it or not but if used right the curls are salon material. This look is a great way to go for if you have long flowing locks and want a sexy, sassy look!

Straight Hair: Some may be lucky and have naturally dead straight hair, but even if you do, get hold of a straightener and rock the straight edge look. Dead straight hair is a great style for long hair to really show its length. The best results for straightening your hair are with a great hot ironed straightener, to get the maximum length by flatting the roots of your hair. Also for good results you may use a blow dryer. The straight hair look always goes well with the part right down the middle or even a front fringe. Let that Jennifer Anniston, Eva Longoria or the Tyra Banks come out inside you.

side ponytail: Now this hairstyle has been very popular in the last year. Being able to have straight or curly hair with this style, it promotes glamour and beauty. Giving that bed hair look, yet still looking classy enough for a cocktail party. This hairstyle can be done by yourself or for best results done by a hair professional.

high bun: After a quick and easy hairstyle that won’t have you starring in the mirror for hours? Also to keep your hair care free and out of your face, this hot summer. It’s a must with long hair to know a few bun hairstyles.

long hair is the easiest to get up by bending at the waist and hanging the head downwards, then gathering the hair first in a ponytail. Stand upright, brush the hair out and wrap it into a bun shape, securing with bobby pins. Wrap a pretty scarf around it for a very casual look, or leave wisps of hair hanging down in front of the ears for a more evening classic look.

low bun: Now this one is the easiest of them all. All you need is a few bobby pins and lovely long hair. A great idea is to also tease the top of your hair to give it some height and scrunch your hair into a ball and start sticking those bobby pins in, or even use a hair clip. For best results ask a friend to help you or off to the salon for a real Hollywood look without over doing it.

And here are few other much preferred haircuts for long hair;

Layers – if you are one of the lucky ones who have naturally thick, straight and long hair, it’s a great idea to add some layers. Layers are the perfect haircut for long hair because they add body to flat hair, texture to thick hair and control to curly hair, while giving out a lovely frame for your face. But be carefully too many layers may have you looking like you just stepped out of the 80s with a mullet, so all in proportion!

Fringes – Front Fringe- A great way to break up your long locks is to throw in a front fringe, many people like a fringe for they can easier hide behind it. But it is also a great way to transform the shape of your face.

Side Fringe – for a softer look to your face, add a side whisky fringe. Looks great on long hair and especially if you have layered hair, it tops the style off!

I could go on and on about different hairstyle you can do with long hair, the list is endless. But these are a few basic tips to help you style those long beautiful locks! So get your comb out while in front of your mirror and start exploring these great looks, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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