Complaining Nature Gets You nowhere

November 06, 2013 16:22
Complaining Nature Gets You nowhere

If you are a working man or woman, complaining about your colleague when you meet your boss alone will be making the best enemy out of your boss instead of a best friend. Making a boss your friend may not be that easy because there always is a line between you two that has to be maintained.  But making your boss an enemy is very easy.

If the boss is smart enough to catch, it will be clear that you may be trying to cover your mistake with that of a thing done by others. Even if it is not so it may give the same impression.  More over you have no right to make changes in the opinion already made by the boss.  It is the duty of the boss to have an opinion on the subordinates that too in the best interests of the organization so that work distribution to extract right work from them will go smoothly.  If your opinion poisons the mind of the boss, it may reflect on the total set up but not only on the person on whom the complaint is made.

A TV producer says, “I handle a competitive team, so there’s bound to be friction.  All of them have complained to me about the other. I have told them it reflects poorly on them and not the person they’re complaining about. And that they should stick to doing their job, not mine.”

It is a general tendency to blame someone or other for one’s failures.  If no one is found suitable then the fate or God will be blamed for it.  One cannot improve as long as one has the nature of complaining.  Owning a mistake and assuming the responsibility only gives a chance to correct, improve and develop.


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